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The Beginning

Hello, I started etzphotos back in 2018, and a lot has changed since then. When I got furloughed in 2020, I decided to work more on graphic design. I was making funny pictures for friends and making album covers for one of my friends. I fell in love with unlocking my creative side. After some advice from my dad and a lot of research, I opened up some stores (etzphotos prints & etzphotos store) in 2020 to sell my designs and images.

The Store

Along with opening my store, I decided to get into the Print on Demand (POD) business. And I started focusing more on graphic design and less on photography. I will always love photography, but I wanted to branch out and see where my creativity would take me. This year (2021), I decided to add a Creators section to my store. I wanted to help out up and coming artist. I will still have a dedicated page for my work.

The Reason Why

Since etzphotos was becoming more than photos, I decided to change the name to etzart. I'm hoping etzart will inspire me to continue to grow in the art field.

Etzphotos and Etzart Transition

Etzphotos will still be around, but only for photos and the shop for prints. Etzart will be a combination of both. Both the website ( and the store ( are now etzart. There are also some changes to the email address that I will talk about below.

Staying up to Date

If you want to stay up to date, please sign up for the newsletter below or create an account. I've added new email addresses, &; please add them to your contact list, so emails don't end up in spam or trash. The email; will still be available.
Thank you,
Elijah (etzart)
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